Background information

As described in the briefing, CKW is already offering an expansive product and service portfolio. This is, why it is important to pay attention to that and really come up with something innovative. Of course, it makes sense to study the services below as orientation and think of novel combinations, but you should EXCLUDE the following ideas from your contributions. You can see this list as a blacklist.

What CKW is already working on...

Energy Services


  • Installation, operation & service for charging infrastructure incl. fast charging station
  • Smart charging and billing solution for SMEs
  • Fleet management for electric vehicles of SMEs
  • Charge@Home: Billing of charging processes for company employees

Decentralized Energy

  • Billing for energy and water for real estate management companies
  • Billing for self-generated electricity for self-consumption communities
  • Contracting of photovoltaic systems: construction, operation, financing of systems
  • Integrated energy solutions for real estate sites: construction of heating/cooling systems, photovoltaics, e-mobility infrastructure incl. automation and control of the entire energy infrastructure

Building Technology

Installation, operation & service of

  • Electrical systems
  • Photovoltaic systems and battery storage
  • Building automation systems
  • Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • Alarm and building security systems (fire protection, access control, video surveillance)

IT, Communication & Fiber Services

  • Planning, installation, operation of IT & communication infrastructure: server hardware, networks, telephony solutions
  • Data hosting in the CKW data center
  • Implementation and operation of IT security solutions
  • Broadband internet connection via fiber optic network
  • Voice over IP solutions

However, it is possible to connect offerings and thus create creative and innovative solutions like e.g. a combined subscription for company cars powered by green energy!